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Mental Health 2019
Transition, Planning & Delivery
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Mental Health 2019
Transition, Planning & Delivery
26th of September 2019
Royal Society of Medicine, London


At the beginning of the year, the NHS Long Term Plan renewed commitment to pursue the most ambitious transformation of mental health care England has ever known. The Mental Health Implementation Plan published in July 2019 provides a new framework to ensure delivery on these commitments at the local level.

The Five-Year Forward View for Mental Health, published in 2016, represented a major step, securing an additional £1 billion in funding for mental health, so that an additional 1 million people could access high quality services by 2020/21.

Over the last two year's Govconnects series of Mental Health conferences have provided the platform for delivery partners across the system including NHS England, Health Education England, the Care Quality Commission, Public Health England, the Department of Health and NHS Digital to disclose their next steps on the Five Year Forward view for Mental Health.

The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) makes a renewed commitment that mental health services will grow faster than the overall NHS budget with a ringfenced investment worth at least £2.3 billion a year for mental health services by 2023/24. Children and young people’s mental health services will grow faster than both overall NHS funding and total mental health spending. By 2020/21, all Five-Year Forward View for Mental Health (FYFVMH) ambitions will be met, forming the basis of further growth and transformation.

Govconnects 3rd annual Mental Health conference and 12 month engagement period will continue its contribution to increase significantly the availability and quality of care and treatment for people with mental health problems - to improve their outcomes and wellbeing but also to tackle the wider costs of mental ill health to the health service and society as a whole.

Mental Health 2019 - Achieving the Five Year Forward View will give attendees the opportunity to engage with key personnel from delivery partners and national stakeholder organisations promoting collaboration across sectors, working together at national and local level, discussing the next steps on FYFVMH and LTP planning and delivery.


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